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GlobalWindow Activation Events Sometimes Missed in WinCE


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Windows CE
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Need to patch around missing GlobalWindow activation events because we do not have WM_ACTIVATEAPP and WM_MOUSEACTIVATE windows messages in WinCE
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Version: 1.0 → Trunk
Keywords: mobile
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Patch Around Missing ActiveApp and MouseActivate Messages in WinCE (Possibly Not Complete Patch Yet)

bkap can you look at this and provide some suggestions?
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jst should really take a look at this.

In general, if a given platform doesn't dispatch an event, I think we generally try to synthesize that event where possible (see, for example, NS_ACTIVATE/NS_GOTFOCUS).
This looks like Smaug territory.
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Same DIFF, just done in Unified instead of Context formatting

I mistakenly removed the review request when updating the attachment from DIFF CONTEXT to DIFF UNIFIED.  Sorry for the confusion.
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So WinCE widgets don't dispatch NS_ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE? Is NS_GOTFOCUS dispatched?

To me this seems so a widget level bug, agreeing with comment 2.
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Same DIFF, just done in Unified instead of Context formatting

I really wouldn't like to have this kinds of hacks, unless nothing else works.
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Ere, do you know anything about WinCE?
Not really. dougt might be the one..
john, can you give us some background here.
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Blocks: 432792
Sure - this patch was supplied to me by Brad Lassey earlier this year.  It was an attempt to fix XULRunner main windows not coming to the foreground when starting XULRunner.  

The actual bug causing second and subsequent windows to not appear correctly under WinCE was somewhere else in the code.

However, I do not yet have a build which lets me verify that these patches are not necessary for proper XULRunner operation.  Until I do have a functional XULRunner build, and can verify things one way or the other, I would like to leave this bug open.
Fixed in code checked in by Doug and/or Brad last fall.
Closed: 14 years ago
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Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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