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Application Details empty after fixing empty Applications panel (after bug #409192)


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Firefox 3.1a1


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After installing Firefox 3.0 (via masked Gentoo official ebuild) without Gnome libs, bug #409192 arose: an empty Applications panel.  I recompiled with the patch fixing #409192 to repopulate the applications list, and this was successful.  However, when "Application Details" is selected from a content type's dropdown, the list is empty.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install 3.0 in a Linux environment without Gnome, producing bug #409192, empty Applications panel.
2. Recompile with patch to fix bug #409192.
3. Select Application Details from an Action dropdown in the Applications prefpane. (Web Feed is a good example since it comes with 3 actions pre-installed: Bloglines, My Yahoo, and Google.  These should be listed.)
Actual Results:  
Application Details list is empty.

Expected Results:  
Applications Details list displays some number of associated applications and an option to remove each.

Firefox produces no error messages or warnings to the console.  Profile is irrelevant. I don't funroll-loops, promise.
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Actually, though i thought it was unrelated, this is due to the patch in bug 409192: getShellService is defined in utilityOverlay.js, which, while it is available in applications.xul through preferences.xul, is not in applicationManager.xul.
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Drivers, needed to fix a regression from bug 409192.
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Approved for Please land in CVS. a=ss

We should really have a test for this...
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> We should really have a test for this...

That would require a testbox without gnome libs, which isn't really a supported configuration. The alternative is a simulated test that makes the shell service throw intentionally, but I don't really think that's worth the trouble.

The distros that support these configs should ideally be running our unit tests (
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Oh, except this bug was a regression from bug 409192 that affects all configs. Would be nice to get a test, then, yeah.
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mozilla/browser/components/preferences/applicationManager.xul 	1.4 
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Matt, can you verify the fix with the candidate build at
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