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10 years ago
The attached test case was designed to show that FF3 has a bug that prevents extension from accessing function.prototype properties. (.prototype is "undefined").  However I can't get the test case to run because the line

for (var p in win)

gives an error Exception... "Component is not available" 

Which is ridiculous because I just printed win.location in the preceding line.

* The error message does not say which component it not available.

* The line number of the message is off by one.

* The message is incorrect if it refers to 'win' since win is clearly available.

If the error message was adequate I perhaps could figure out how to print the properties of win and thereby demonstrate that win.foo exists but win.foo.prototype is undefined.

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10 years ago
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test extension

Somewhat convoluted test, wish this was easier...
I'm seeing this fairly regularly in some strange situations. Usually related to console interaction, but I'm not sure what's causing it. I encountered it while doing some extension debugging.
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I've seen this recently as well, and was thinking it might have been caused by either DOM quickstubs (bug 407216) or TraceMonkey. quickstubs landed only recently and there appear to be reports of this earlier than then, so I'm starting to suspect TraceMonkey more and more (though that is mostly just a guess). A solid testcase would be useful.
tried testing the attached extension, but was unable to unpack it or install it. Zip bailed with error: "Nothing to do!"

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