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Add links to best practices, style guide, and policies at the top of the editor


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When editing an article, there's a notice at the top, saying "You are editing the staging copy of the approved version of this page. Changes will be merged in after approval."

We can make people more aware of the system and documentation by enlarging that notice, by adding links to:
and the policies page (bug 446066)
Assignee: nobody → paul.craciunoiu
Target Milestone: --- → 0.8
Target Milestone: 0.8 → 0.9
Should these links be shown only when editing the staging copy, or also when editing an approved version?
{tr}For more information, please read <a href="">best practices</a>, <a href="">style guide</a>, or <a href="">policies</a>.{/tr}

Here's a sample text that would be added inside the same notice. Sound good?
Theoretically, the only reason someone would be have a KB copy in the editor (rather than the staging copy) would be to move the article out of the KB category, or to implement something like a redirect. So it won't hurt if this doesn't apply when editing the KB copy.

I'll suggest wording after I've got some sleep. :-) But this isn't really a "For more information..." thing, but more of a "Make sure you read..." thing. The policies page is the important one.
Got it :-)... waiting for review.
Here's something to replace the entire box. I'm unsure that box is localizable, but the contributor docs are, so I took out the locales from the URLs. CCing David. David could you review this text:

"You are editing the <strong>staging copy</strong> of the article. Changes will be applied after review, to make sure your changes are accurate and follow <a href="">Knowledge Base policies</a>. For guidelines, please read our <a href="">Best Practices for Support Documents page</a>, and <a href="">Manual of Style</a>."
David, could you review Chris's text? :)
I don't think David will be back from vacation in time to review this. CCing Cheng and Matthew.
What am I saying? This is a 0.9 bug, not a 0.8.1 bug! :-)
A few nitpicks:
Changes will be applied after [a] review [no comma] to make sure [they] are accurate and follow [the] <a
href="">Knowledge Base

Also no comma before the last "and".
Sounds good. Shall I go ahead and "fix" the bug? :)
Yup. Thanks Cheng!
Yeah, sorry, that's definitely a go.
Target Milestone: 0.9 → 1.1
r21676 / r21677
There we go.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: 1.1 → 0.8.2
As I already said to Paul, I found two additional issues in translating the strings:

1) The strings are two and are too long. English words are usually shorter than Italian words, and so I had to leave something outside in order to fit the maximum length permitted. This problem could be easily experienced for other languages.

So I think each string should be in turn split in other two strings, or the maximum string length should be increased (the first option is better, IMO).

2) The Italian translated strings do not show up. They are in the translation table (search the word "policies" for it and you can check it), but I still see them in English.

Ok, if one is able to translate a page he should as well be able to read the two strings in English, but I think this is still a problem :-) 

If there are any issues, it's best to file separate bugs for each of them. That way, each issue can be tracked, with assignees, patches, and QA. It's a lot harder to make sure each bug gets fixed, if we can't track each one separately.
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