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Create quicktags (toolbar buttons in article edit area) for SHOWFOR


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This one is going to be tricky. I don't want to clutter the quicktag area, but SHOWFOR tags often used. It would be even better if is one quicktag with a dropdown menu for OSes.
Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
Any ideas for this? How about sets of icons?
It looks like there's room for a quicktag with a dropdown, given that the new icons keep the same size as the others we have so far.

Does anyone know, do we have a specific way of implementing dropdown menus already?
I was thinking maybe something like this would do:

I believe our main menu (top) uses YUI, but I'm not familiar with it. Should we be using that?
Target Milestone: 1.0 → 1.1
Definitely want to simplify the UI for using SHOWFOR, but no time to get this into the 1.1 milestone as we haven't really decided how this would look like.
Target Milestone: 1.1 → Future
Summary: Create quicktags for SHOWFOR → Create quicktags (toolbar buttons in article edit area) for SHOWFOR
1- Tiki4: Quicktags have been revamped and renamed to Toolbars and management will be nicer with jQuery magic. (drag & drop, can have more than one line of toolbars, etc.)

2- Tiki3: 
There is now a pop-up helper to create (Stable) & edit (experimental) plugins, so editors fill a form instead of fiddling with the syntax. But the syntax is still there for advanced uses.

3- Tiki3: New feature: Plugin Alias permits to create new plugins with touching code.

So this:

Could become:

Or even just:

And management in one central place.

Then, perhaps, we should make "Enter" & "Return" localized...
In Tiki4, adapting toolbar is done in drag & drop with jQuery (fun!)

You can have 2 or more rows (if you are worried about clutter)

Smileys and special characters (accents, etc.) are in a mouse-over for easy availability but without taking too much screen space.
Whiteboard: tiki_fixed
Done in Kitsune.
Closed: 11 years ago
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