Floating text box on mouseover of link or forum thread locks and doesn't go away until browser is closed.




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11 years ago
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In this forum when you mouseover a thread before you open it a floating text box appears to let you preview the first few sentences of the thread. Occasionally this box doesn't go away until the browser is closed.
This last time i opened a new tab with ctrl+t as it was loading this text preview and only the outline of the box appeared. When i typed an address into the url bar the text and background color appeared in the box and it wouldn't go away until i closed the browser.
This has also happened during google searches. The links or adds that appear on the right side of the page create some type of floating text like this which became locked. I'm sorry i don't remember more about this incident, it was a week or two ago and i didn't worry about it.
The problem has only happened 3 or 4 times and has happened with the first version of Firefox 3 i installed as well as the update that was installed this morning.
To take care of the problem when this happens i just close the browser and save the session then re-open the browser.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Goto the forum and click on a thread group.
2.Mouseover a thread to make text preview appear.
3.Could try opening a new tab just as the text preview appears.
Actual Results:  
Doesn't always work. Must have to do with my timing?

Expected Results:  
Allowed the text box that appears to close.

Using Aerofox 3.0.1 theme


11 years ago
Hardware: PC → HP
Did you also test this in safe-mode (to find out if this is not a bug in an extension or theme)? http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_Mode_(Firefox)

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11 years ago
I haven't tried this in any other mode. It's very intermittent. After dozens and dozens of times trying to duplicate this, it's only happened once since I created the report.
I'll try safe mode for a few-days to see if it happens then but I assume it won't due to how in-frequently it happens.


10 years ago
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

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8 years ago
I am experiencing this as well but it is not limited to forums.  Anytime a text box appears on a mouse-over then this message follows my mouse around until I close the browser or hover over a new mouse-over at which point the text is replaced with the new message.
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