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Provide -v option to to list changed files during hg update


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When I do hg update, I can supply a -v argument so that I know what files have changed. I'd like to be able to do that whilst using, especially as we'd get a list of the cvs file changes anyway.

The fix is simple, not quite sure what we're doing about reviews, but I think keeping it within those who have put it together is probably a good idea for now.
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Hmm, I wonder if we should make the same option apply to cvs checkout as well
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> Hmm, I wonder if we should make the same option apply to cvs checkout as well

It doesn't apply to cvs because cvs is already verbose.
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The fix

I agree here, that with cvs it is already verbose enough. Please do still get a r+ or rs+ from KaiRo for this.
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The fix

This is good per se, I just wondered if we should make cvs less verbose without that option, if that's possible.
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