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Display both comm-central and mozilla-central changeset IDs on tinderbox pages


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I think considering we have two hg repositories that we pull, and we're going to be picking up most changes from mozilla-central, we should have their changeset id on the tinderbox page as well.

From what I've seen, I think this is basically making do the TinderboxPrint log line for the mozilla-central change (obviously on a switch so that we don't display it all the time).

I'm happy to try and do the change if this seems reasonable.
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> if this seems reasonable.

I would think it is :-)
I thought I'd like to have that right from the beginning, but I didn't see how to fetch the mozilla-central revision.
I'd be happy about a patch for that.
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Isn't hg --template really nice? :-)

I struggled with the repository bit (because the way the script is set up), but as this is all we need at the moment, it should do.
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FYI, 'hg identify -i' accomplishes the same thing.
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The fix

>diff --git a/ b/
>+        # I can't find a sane may to get the actual repo at the moment, so just
>+        # default to the main mozilla one.

This will probably bite us when we pull in DOMI from hg (i.e. as soon as it gets removed from mozilla-central). Please check that "repository == DEFAULT_MOZILLA_REPO" when doing this. r- because of that.

>+        check_call([hg, 'parent', '-R', fulldir,
>+                   "--template=TinderboxPrint: \"<a href=%sindex.cgi/rev/{node|short} title=\"Built from revision {node|short}\">mrev:{node|short}</a>\"\n" % (DEFAULT_MOZILLA_REPO)])

We should note that it's a revision from the Mozilla repo in the title as well. And I like "m-c" better than "mrev" so it's easier to tell it apart from the "rev" we get for comm-central.
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I solved this slightly differently, this is in on the builder machines:

Will do the same for unit test machines tomorrow, but need to clear up if what I added to for the moment should actually go into buildbotcustom.
Applied this to testers as well now and gozer applied to Thunderbird machines, marking fixed.
I still need to find out if the buildstep should go into buildbotcustom, but that will be done in a different bug, if so.
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