Allow environment variable to override directory name passed to NSS_Init*



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As documented at the cited URL, NSS 3.12 has an environment variable that 
allows the user to force the application to use cert9.db, rather than cert8.  
That variable is
but NSS 3.12 lacks a way to force the application to use a particular 
directory, where it might share the DBs with other applications.  If NSS had 
a simply way for the user to tell all NSS appliations to use cert9 DBs in a 
particular directory, then FF and TB could be made to share directories 
without any changes to PSM.  

I suggest NSS_DB_DIR be used, when defined, as the directory name to override
the name passed by the application.  I also suggest that, when that variable
is present, that the db prefix name passed by the application be ignored, 
and that the secmod.db be used from that same directory, regardless of the 
pathname for the secmod.db given by the application.
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