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Z/mZ values are off by 100 on OS X


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According to the tinderbox page as of right now, Z for OS X is Z:1.56GB, which is a tad high, and about 100x what it is on Linux.
Hrm, just stole verbatim the stuff from SeaMonkey, does it also look 100x what it should be, sure looks like it to me:

From SeaMonkey's tinderbox tree:

"Linux comm-central build" Z:17.2MB
"MacOSX 10.4 comm-central build" Z:2.27GB
I've a feeling its calculating it off the wrong directory/data, i.e. including all object files or something. I just haven't worked out where its doing that, or where we need to poke it.
I think I've found what the source of the excessive bloat is. Looking at codesize-base.log, I noticed a symbol that is reported as taking *lots* of space:
$> grep -E 'trampoline_size' codesize-base.log
21ffffd8        DATA    STATIC  libplc4.dylib   A       UNDEF:libplc4.dylib:A   trampoline_size
20ffffd8        DATA    STATIC  libplds4.dylib  A       UNDEF:libplds4.dylib:A  trampoline_size
1fffffd8        DATA    STATIC  libnspr4.dylib  A       UNDEF:libnspr4.dylib:A  trampoline_size

$> perl -le'print 0x21ffffd8 + 0x20ffffd8 + 0x1fffffd8'

That's a whopping 1.66Gb!

On top of that, trampoline_size is the only symbol marked as A (absolute address) and isn't coming from mozilla code, but is something introduced by OSX/gcc, apparently on 10.4 and not 10.5

A possible solution is to teach how to skip over such symbols, since we can't figure out their sizes anyways. Plus, looks like trampoline_size is the only one at this time, and it only appears in 3 different libraries.
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Teach to skip over absolutely addressed symbols

Seems reasonable.
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Symbol types are upper or lower case depending on their visibility. Upper-case is public, lower-case is private. In our case, we should match on either, so match case-insensitively.
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> Symbol types should be matched case-insensitive

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As it seems to have solved SeaMonkey's problem too, I think this is now the correect fix.
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