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Remove imap specific "Empty trash" confirmation dialog.


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Thunderbird 22.0


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Followup from bug 179891 comment 9:

David Bienvenu   2007-02-01 14:26:28 PDT

There's some overlap with this code:

We might want to just remove that imap code, and the associated pref, once this
goes in.
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i guess this is talking about mail.imap.confirm_emptyTrashFolderDeletion and the code at

obsoleted by mail.emptyTrash.dontAskAgain ?
We actually have also mailnews.emptyTrash.dontAskAgain, see . Maybe we could clean it up here.
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I don't use IMAP Trash, so I'm not sure what to expect when I empty it... are you saying that both the UI and backend try to prompt in this case?
I have not tried that yet, but that is quite possible as there are 2 places that could prompt. Each of them using a different pref. But if both are set to prompt, they could. The difference is, the IMAP C++ code only prompts when there are any subfolders in Trash (at least that is how I read it), so when testing you need to produce such a testcase.
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Fair enough, this seems reasonable.
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Thanks for the review, I will still try to test it on some IMAP server, whether we really got 2 prompts before.

I still need the review from mkmelin or standard8 on the TB pref changes.
Ok, I can confirm, if you set the mail.emptyTrash.dontAskAgain pref to non-default value of true, you get 2 prompts about the same thing. The hg blame does not show how that code got in (revision is 0), but when bienvenu says it can go, it is probably right.
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::: mail/base/content/folderPane.js
@@ +2300,3 @@
>      let showPrompt = true;
>      try {
> +      showPrompt = !Services.prefs.getBoolPref("mailnews." + aCommand + ".dontAskAgain");

This would break mail.emptyJunk.dontAskAgain
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Yes, I suggest to migrate both prefs.
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Ah yes, sorry, i misread that. r=mkmelin
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It is a bit confusing as I explicitly said it only in bug 179891 comment 19.

So the one downside of the pref change, that users get reprompted at next delete. Once they check the checkbox they will be using the new pref from now on.
Depends on: 179891
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