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Write front-end code to use backend Drag & Drop tabs between browser windows functionality.


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Sadly, I ended up hijacking a seamonkey bug for the core work...  The seamonkey UI making use of that core work still needs to be written.
Depends on: 113934
It was really filed under Core:Tabbed Browser, which moved only recently.
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: PC → All
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2?
Summary: Write front-end code to make use of the backend introduced in bug 113934 → Write front-end code to use backend Drag & Drop tabs between browser windows functionality.
Keywords: student-project
Maybe a new student can take this up.
Enhancement, so not wanting it in 2.0 any more after the feature freeze.

We really would love to see this in 2.1, though!
Severity: normal → enhancement
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2.1+
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2.0?
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2.0-
Jeffrey Lee, a student, is going to give this a shot.  Can any of you provide him some clues to get started?
Assignee: nobody → jjlee16
The patches in bug 113934 include the Firefox front-end code for this.  And I can answer any specific questions about the backend that need answering.
I've been told i should start by learning how to install seamonkey. Where should i look or begin to start after that?
Probably in suite/browser/tabbrowser.xml in the comm-central tree.
Jeffrey, any news on this? If you still need help on getting started, please contact us in the developer group/list or on IRC as stated on
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2.1+
No news, back to unowned.
Assignee: jjlee16 → nobody
I've been looking into this, have a patch locally, but currently it doesn't
make a difference; dragging a tab to the content area just loads it there. If I
can get it to work I'll assign this bug to me, otherwise I'll post what I have
and let someone else give it a try. In any case I'm not an expert in the field
(tabbrowser), so don't expect me to answer "why like this and not like that"
type of questions, I just tried to port
despite all the differences of our implementation.
Keywords: student-project
OK, so this is actually a *lot* more complicated. Front-end-wise bug 113934 was merely the start. Many more changes to tabbrowser.xml and other files followed. Just to give you an impression (the list may be incomplete!):

If you look closer, changes were implemented, adapted, removed, replaced, back and forth (and many typos introduced). The changes to browser.js/xul (contentAreaDNDObserver, ondragleave/enter) are just one example. You have to consolidate all those changesets if you don't want to repeat those mistakes. On top of that, Firefox is now using a more general drag&drop handling approach, so the current Firefox trunk code is very different from the bug 113934 state. On top of *that*, SeaMonkey's tabbrowser.xml code is quite different when it comes to the implementation details, and a more strict review is applied to proposed patches. I expect this to take several months unless someone like Neil does it.

IOW: I won't do this, sorry. I'll attach the tabbrowser.xml changes I implemented (which are useless without at least a matching d&d hook) just so that I didn't completely waste my time. Maybe it helps someone else. Please note that it's completely untested, though. Starting at zero might turn out to be the better idea.
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Depends on: 225680
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Depends on: 625114
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