Re-work editmilestones so that you can edit multiple milestones at once




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11 years ago
It's currently a pain to administer milestones (but also versions, and global fields in a less pronounced way). You first have to display them in a list, then click add, type name + sortkey, then commit, then add, type name + sortkey, then commit, then add.... you get the point (think every time we release Bugzilla 3.2.x, 3.0.x, 2.22.x, 2.20.x and you have to add 4 new versions; fortunately, we don't do it for milestones, but I'm sure some other organisations do). Also, if you suddenly want to insert new milestones in the middle of the list, you are lost: you have to edit several sortkeys to get it right again (as we don't have decimal sortkeys).

I discussed this with pyrzak already, and what I'm suggesting is to display all existing milestones in a list (single-select field with several lines displayed at once). At its right, two arrows: Up and Down to sort them. This way, sortkeys are never displayed but are handled in the backend. This makes sorting *much* easier.

To edit or delete a milestone, select the one you want, then click the "Edit" or "Delete" button.

If the admin wants to see the number of bugs per milestone, the list should be updated with the number of bugs in parens:

Bugzilla 3.0 (629)
--- (1099 - Default)
Bugzilla 3.2 (242)
Bugzilla 4.0 (108)

So we can do everything we need with a list, and admins don't have to worry about sortkeys.

I also think that from this same page, you should be able to add as many new milestones as you want, without going to another page, but that's another bug.

If we implement this in a generic way, as with did with admin/table.html.tmpl, we will be able to use it again for versions, op_sys, rep_platform, and any other global + custom field.
Even better would be to make them draggable to re-sort them.

But yes, I've long thought that all the admin pages should work pretty much like you say here.


11 years ago
Summary: Hide sortkeys in editmilestones.cgi → Re-work editmilestones so that you can edit multiple milestones at once

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11 years ago
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> Even better would be to make them draggable to re-sort them.

As I said to pyrzak on IRC, I'm not a fan of drag and drop. I always put selected items at the wrong place (when you put an item exactly on another one, will it be put above or below it? This always irritates me). And I think it's less discoverable. :)
We could make the draggable items fairly big, and make the target area very clear and highlighted and all. We could also add some text at the bottom that explains that you can drag and drop them to re-order them.

I think if I had a lot of milestones to resort, or if I wanted to move one a long distance through several hundred other ones, clicking the arrows would be tedious.
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