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[ru] Add mailto: protocol handler


(Mozilla Localizations :: ru / Russian, defect)

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(1 file, 1 obsolete file) has informed me that they has implemented mailto: protocol handler for Firefox users and I'd love to include it in Russian build of Firefox. is the largest free e-mail service in Russia (see for more info) and it would be large benefit for Russian users to have protocol web-handler in Russian build of Firefox.
Patch is attached (regarding http vs. https issue - has informed me, that they are not ready to provide https web-mail right now)
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We need their permission in Mic's files first.
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alexander, can you get the guys to email me asap with permission or comment in this bug.
if you have tested the feature and it works we can add it to the current list of 3 mailto for ru: rambler, yandex and google
It's ok to use mailto link
in firefox

Alexander Bykov,
Mail.Ru Team
Hi Alexander, thanks.

Does that url pass the testcases on ?
Test  5 failed (url works)
Test  6 failed
Test  7 failed
Test  8 failed (unfixable due to lack of utf-8 support)
Test 10 failed

thanks for link
we will fix it soon, except utf-8 support (Test 8)
all fixed, except:
Test 5 - we trying to parse incorrect url (common practice)
Test 8 - we support only windows-1251 charset on the web so utf-8 chars not in windows-1251 converted to '?'

its acceptable ?
Test 8 should work as long as the UTF-8 content has an equivalent in windows-1251.

Say,Фото should work.

Re Test 5, what's the outcome of the given url?
I forgot to bump gecko.handlerService.defaultHandlersVersion, fixing it.
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Attachment #333586 - Flags: review?(l10n)
to Axel Hecht:
Test 8 - it's OK
Test 5 - CC field value will be: "" because we spliting params by '&'
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Add mailto: protocol handler v.2

r=me, code is OK, tests are OK, permission is in comment 3.

There are obviously more advanced ways for error recovery in URLs as the example shows, but that's not a real issue.
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Add mailto: protocol handler v.2

Please land this on hg, and on cvs trunk with my approval.

Please use check-in comments referencing this bug and my review/approval, and use the fixed1.9.0.2 and verified1.9.0.2 keywords to track landing and testing on fx 3.0.x
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Pushed to l10n-central:
Closed: 13 years ago
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Fixed on CVS trunk:
Checking in chrome/browser-region/;
/l10n/l10n/ru/browser/chrome/browser-region/,v  <--
new revision: 1.23; previous revision: 1.22
Keywords: fixed1.9.0.2
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