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Need Zimbra accounts for calendar testing


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Preferably more than one so that we can test scheduling. Especially nice if the momo Zimbra is more or less version-synched to the moco one. Last I knew they were at 5.07
We are currently running : 5.0.6_GA_2313.RHEL5-20080522094306

A few questions:
 - Approximately how many accounts ?
 - What kind of tests (dev testing vs. unit testing) ?
 - Does it need to be able to send/recieve mail ?
 - Any particular zimbra options/features needed ?
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For the purposes I had in mind:
- two or three accounts should be fine
- dev testing
- no need for mail
- CalDAV

Unit testing for CalDAV would be great to have but I don't imagine Zimbra would be first choice for that. Same goes for a testday server, though it's possible that mschroeder will want to move that off my ancient/creaking hardware someday.

Fyi - You can get temp accounts on our hosted demo:

These are good for at least 2weeks at a time and run a recent version of Zimbra.  Feel free to create as many as you need.
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> Fyi - You can get temp accounts on our hosted demo:

Yes, I have found the demo/temp accounts quite useful so far; thank you for providing them. Their temporary nature is something of a headache though, and since most of the frustration I've heard concerning Lightning/Zimbra interop has been from people at Mozilla, it would be very useful to have access to a Zimbra install version-matched to the MoCo one so that the bugs are the same.
I've upgraded the test Zimbra setup we have to 5.0.7, and all that's left is to create the needed test account, and make sure CalDAV is enabled and accessible from the internet.

Could you provide me with the list of users that will need access to this?
A list of username => email address would be good enough, I'll notify each user separately of their account login info.
Thanks. The folks most likely to do testing immediately would probably be:
Bruno Browning
Daniel Boeltzle
Philipp Kewisch
Andreas Treumann

A dummy account to which everyone had access would be useful as well, so that a single developer could easily test roundtripping invitations and responses.
The following accounts have been created.


Zimbra frontend and caldav backend can be reached over here:

These accounts are stand-alone and cannot currently recieve mail, you can connect to them over IMAP however and copy messages into the inbox


passwords have been emailed directly to the email addresses in comment #6
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Thanks. For others using this for testing purposes, the CalDAV calendar URL you will want to use in Sb/Ltn is e.g.
with the obvious substitution.
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