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add a Qt Instant Messenger to Qt Firefox



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Widget: Qt
9 years ago
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9 years ago
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Mozilla-qt now offers the option, to add a Qt Instant Messenger to it by default.

We currently create based on libretroshare, a serverless instant messenger, so maintenance and authority free, a XUL XPI gui for normal Firefox.
see screenshots on the homepage and XPI installer in the SVN.

Ideally the library has already a Qt gui

please test it and add the design of the messenger only mod retromessenger with the qt gui of retroshare to qt-firefox.

For that in retromessenger you are welcome to develop the qt gui or add it to qt fireforx without joining the retromessenger team to build a standalone.

An integration of Friends and Instant Messaging into Qt Mozilla based on qt gui of retroshare (but in the messenger only design of retromessenger) would be a good basis for Qt.Mozilla to get accepted by friends.

A hookup of the qt gui of retromessenger as well allows to be a mobile phone instant messenger, as the retromessenger project has the idea to build the messenger on it (but with wxwidget gui, which is needed as well for another project).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Build a retromessenger.sf.net qt gui (4 Windows only !!!)
2. integrate into Qt-firefox
3. make a qt retromessenger standalone with us as project
4. let people have this messenger in your browser or as pop up window on mobile phones.
Actual Results:  
more friendship community to qt browser

Expected Results:  
more users

has a qt gui already here:
(which needs only to be reszised to retromessenger design layout for mobile phone)
This sounds like a great idea for an extension, but not for the Firefox core -- you'll note that there are no IM features in firefox right now (though there are a handful of extensions that do similar things).

(Also, this isn't a Widget: Qt bug -- this would be more a Firefox product bug.)
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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a year ago
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