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Chrome mochitests don't actually run as chrome


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Chrome mochitests run in a type="content" docshell.  As a result, to actually test chrome behavior (wrappers, various things related to docshell, etc, etc) one has to open a window in the chrome test, then do the whole test in that window.  For example, that's what 3 of the 4 docshell/test/chrome directory do...

It's a huge hassle, especially since any time the child wants to touch the paren it has to do wrappedJSObject.

Ideally, the test harness would actually open the test as the chrome for a window.  Less ideally, the behavior would be documented somewhere so people don't have to rediscover it by trial and error.
Component: Testing → Chrome
Product: Core → Testing
QA Contact: testing → chrome
Whiteboard: [specialpowers]
Depends on: 654461
Blocks: 462483
We could eliminate enablePrivilege without this, after all.
No longer blocks: 462483
Component: Mochitest Chrome → Mochitest
Severity: normal → S3
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