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first run page for Fennec


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We should have a first-run page for Fennec that, along with a welcome message and the Fennec branding, should convey visually where all the controls are.  Something like "< Drag over here for tabs" and "Drag over here for controls >".  Some visual, at the page edge, that could convey "there's more just over here" would be great.
Just my 2¢, but under the circumstances it should probably read "> Drag this direction for tabs" and "Drag this direction for controls <"
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From sean martell.  See here for refernece:
Whiteboard: UI polish

Perhaps the wording should be similar on both sides so "drag this way for tabs" instead?
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Yea, that's pretty good.
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I created a new content package so that I could make it contentaccessible, and avoid giving the firstrun page chrome privs.
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We should probably add, at some point, a link to "what's new" notes, or a "getting started with the web" page, as firefox does.  Of course, that will have to wait until we have such content.
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(just adding what we talked about on IRC)

Can we move the firstrun content to a locale? (locales/en-US/firstrun/*)

Otherwise looks good to me.
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Now localizable. Not sure whether packaging firstrun.dtd in the separate JAR has any l10n impact, though. Madhava OKed the basic look, we can of course refine it iteratively once this is landed (we probably actually want to use the initial viewport height instead of the no-toolbar height, to avoid it being possible to "scroll up", though that means it will be scaled in the fullscreen mode, so that needs to look OK too).
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nit: Could we put the firstrun files in subfolders, so they don't get lost when mixed in with the other files?

* chrome/content/firstrun (for the xhtml)
* chrome/skin/firstrun (for the css and images)
* locale/en-US/chrome/firstrun (for the dtd)
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verified with beta3, although there is talk of a new updated version for 1.0
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