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Use LDAP for authentication on Tikiwiki and Openfire


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LDAP authentication is supported by both Tikiwiki (via Pear::Auth) and Openfire, so it should be turned on allow people to authenticate with both servers using the same credentials.  Tikiwiki supports LDAP record creation, so it should be a secondary authentication method for Tikiwiki and the primary authentication method for Openfire.

The result should be that anyone with a Tikiwiki account can log in to Openfire using the same username/password, which is necessary to ensure that live chat helpers are properly credited in the CSAT implementation.
Have to fix bug 398239 first before you can do LDAP on SUMO.
Depends on: 398239
This sounds like something that would be needed for a future karma system on SUMO that gives proper credit for contributors helping users.

Matthew, could you do the Openfire part for this? Should that be a separate bug?
Target Milestone: --- → Future
For the karma system, we will need a way to link Openfire accounts to sumo accounts.

We could use LDAP for this, if it ends up being used for the Mozilla-wide single sign-on project.  Otherwise, we would need to create an Openfire plugin that allows SUMO authentication on Openfire.  (In either case, I could handle the Openfire changes and account migration)

This doesn't need to be complete when karma is first rolled out, since at first we can just have a manual configuration in SUMO to specify each user's Openfire account.
Bugs in tikiwiki, going away.
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