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pushlog turns line breaks in commit messages into spaces


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(2 files) is hard to read because the line breaks were not preserved.  They should have been turned into <br>s, I guess.
It should use the |firstline filter as is used in changelog and shortlog.
Why only show the first line?
This is what hg does nearly everywhere: show the first line of the commit message in the overview, then a user can expand it to show the full message.
Ah, I didn't know I could click the commit to read the entire message.  It would be a lot less confusing if the overview included a clickable "..." on cut-off commit messages.
I'd prefer to just turn them into <br>s and show the entire thing. We typically don't get huge commit messages.
Actually, I like Jesse's idea. We could show only the first line of multi-line commit messages, with a clickable ellipsis that shows the rest (using JS).

Sid: this sounds like itd be a pretty easy patch. Interested? :)
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ted, sounds good. I'll take it up. Just to make sure though, you want the ellipsis link pointing to the appropriate changeset link? So in the above case it would be:
No, I'd like to have the ellipsis link just have an onclick that expands the commit message from the first line to show the entire message.
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Ted, looking at your review queue, these patches go back a while.  Do you have review comments that haven't been addressed in order for you to r+?  If not, are you planning to review?  And, if you don't think we should take these, can you r-?  

If there are comments that have yet to be addressed, does it make sense to clear these requests and ask for another request after the comments have been addressed?
I think most of these patches are probably ok, I just didn't find time to review them. I haven't context switched to look at pushlog stuff in a long time, so they fell to the back burner. Plus, Sid (while he did great work), finished his course and moved on and stopped bugging me for reviews.
Ted? Let's try to finish this one.
Comment on attachment 372296 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch for hg_templates to add expand/collapse functionality for commit messages with line breaks

Clearing old review requests. We can revisit these at a later date.
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Multi-line commit messages in pushloghtml were having their newlines
rendered as spaces. Converting them to <br /> via the "addbreaks" filter
makes commit message formatting on pushloghtml much more pleasant to

Personally, I like the idea of an ellipsis. But I'm lazy and don't feel
like implementing that. We can always do it later.
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The clickable ellipsis would be best but this is terrible right now and putting linebreaks in is better than what we currently have.
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This has been deployed.
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