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10 years ago
10 years ago


(Reporter: bz, Assigned: Guy Pyrzak)





1) Start with a bug in Core which has the keywords "qawanted" and "regression"
   on it (so that the Keywords field contains the text "qawanted,
   regression").  The goal is to remove the "qawanted" keyword.
2) Double-click on "qawanted"
3) Press delete
4) Hit the right arrow key (so that you can try to delete the comma)

EXPECTED RESULTS: The caret moves one spot to the right, letting you delete the comma.

ACTUAL RESULTS: The "4xp" keyword is added to the textfield, so that now the text says ", regression 4xp" with the caret positioned all the way at the end.

NOTE: The textfield also eats the Ctrl-k keystroke (which should delete everything in it).  I guess I should file that as a separate bug?


10 years ago
Assignee: create-and-change → guy.pyrzak
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I'm changing the platform to PC/All (meaning at least two of Intel-Mac, Linux-i686 and W32) because I see something similar on Linux (using the keywords on this bug even though it is not a Core bug):

Double-clicking "qawanted" highlights it with the comma and space, and I can easily delete it. BUT: if I place the text cursor just before the comma then hit Shift-Home (to highlight only "qawanted" without the comma) and hit Del (leaving the comma) then if I hit the right-arrow it adds " 4xp" at far right, leaving the comma and space at far left, just as said in comment #0. I call this "reproducing the bug" using a slightly modified procedure.

If I want to delete the 4xp I have to do it without hitting Left (or a second 4xp gets added) e.g. by clicking the mouse just right of "regression" then hitting Shift-End then Del

If I place the cursor at far left (before the comma) and type qawanted, what I get in the autocomplete box is not qawanted but... "regression" and "regressionwindow-wanted"!

I suspect this bug was introduced by a less-than-perfect fix for bug 452734.
URL: #
OS: Mac OS X → All
Keywords: access

Comment 2

10 years ago
Don't file a separate bug for a patch which hasn't been committed yet. b.m.o took the current patch as is as it's much better than what we had when we upgraded to 3.2rc1. Your comments should be added to bug 452734.

Also, note that we don't use the 'access' keyword for Bugzilla. No need to add it. :)
No longer blocks: 452734
Severity: major → normal
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Keywords: access, qawanted, regression
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 452734
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