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The "Never" button does not work; major update offer appears daily


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1.8 Branch
Windows XP
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When I started Firefox, I received a pop-up to upgrade to Firefox 3.  Since the Firefox 3 location bar is horribly broken and I will not upgrade until there is an option to exclude page titles, bookmarks, random text, etc. from the URL search, I clicked the "never upgrade" button.

Over the next two or four days, I was again prompted to upgrade.  Each time, I clicked the "never upgrade" button.

When the user clicks the "never upgrade" button, the user should never again be prompted to upgrade.  It is a bug if a user clicking "never upgrade" is prompted a second (or third, or fourth ...) time to upgrade.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Start Firefox.
2.  Click "Never upgrade"
3.  Start Firefox on another day.  Upgrade dialog box reappears.
Actual Results:  
Continue to be pestered by "upgrade" dialog box.

Expected Results:  
Never be prompted to upgrade.
Component: General → Application Update
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
QA Contact: general → software.update
Version: unspecified → 1.8 Branch
I believe the button text is "Never" in en-US builds... fixing summary
Summary: The "never upgrade" button does not work → The "Never" button does not work
Summary: The "Never" button does not work → The "Never" button does not work; major update offer appears daily
Thank you for your report.

Your build identifier says Firefox/3.0.1, so do you have upgraded in the meantime?

If not, could you type about:config in the location bar, heed the warning and then type app.update.never in the filter field? What entries, if any, show up?
(In reply to comment #0)
> It is a bug if a user clicking "never upgrade" is
> prompted a second (or third, or fourth ...) time to upgrade.

Yes, it is our intent not to prompt more than once unless you explicitly "Check for updates" from the menu

The question is why is it not doing that for you (and others). The question in comment 2 is trying to get at one potential cause for this misbehavior: failure to save the "never" choice, or saving it incorrectly.

Of course since you've signed up using a mailinator address you're probably not seeing any of these replies and we'll get no useful forensic data that might clue us in why it's failing for you but working for our own QA.
This was caused by bug 329729 attachment #234412 [details] [diff] [review].

   _shouldPrompt: function(update) {
+    if (update.type == "major") {
+      LOG("Checker", "_shouldPrompt: Prompting because it is a major update");
+      return true;
+    }

I'll try to find out if this change was intentional and if so why.
Blocks: majorupdate
Keywords: regression
bah... this code is more convoluted than I originally thought.

Reporter, would you please type about:config in your address bar, click the button in the displayed page, type app.update.never in the Filter textbox, and report back with the entries that are displayed? Thanks
Looking over the code it appears that the pref is only reset when a manual check is performed after clicking "Never".

Reporter, could this be what's happening?
I'd be surprised if it were anything else, as we haven't heard about this a lot (in terms of MozillaZine, Support Forums, Blogs, Tweets or duplicate bug reports).

It's also possible that there's a frankenbrowser thing going on here, or add-on incompatibility.

The design espoused in bug 329729 comment 78 is:

> 4)  if the user hits "Never", but then does "Check for Updates...", we clear
> the "never" pref for that version. This so if they do "Never", then "Check for 
> Updates...", and then hit "Later", we will prompt again when it is "later".

I think the idea there was that we should always let someone get back to their major update offer. I suppose if someone elects to turn off auto-updating and always manually check for updates, though, this could be frustrating.
Blocks: majorupdate
No response so resolving -> WFM... chances are a manual check for updates was performed and the never button wasn't clicked.
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