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WinMobile Compile Problems with mozilla-central


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: General, defect)

Windows Mobile 6 Professional
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This bug is a catch-all for problems compiling mozilla-central for WinMobile.

This patch covers some unicode issues, some missing API issues, and some it-just-doesn't-work-that-way-on-WinMobile issues.

Most dangerous change in the patch is a delta to CONFIGURE.IN, but changes are limited to a WINCE portion of a switch statement.

This patch is needed to further WinMobile work under mozilla-central.
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Catch-all of fixes needed to compile mozilla-central for WinMobile

Hey wolfe.  You really want to split this patch up in to separate patches.

A few notes:  For things like disabling ogg, don't do it in the makefiles -- just --disable-ogg.

the gfx font stuff should go in to its own patch

we need to not change all the constants in mozIStorageError.idl

the nsUXThemeData.cpp stuff should be filed as its own bug and probably switched to use L"..." rather than TEXT()

please split out everything else as well.
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Catch-all of fixes needed to compile mozilla-central for WinMobile

spacing in :


is all messed up.  please no tabs, keep spacing the same (2 or four).  It is way hard to review what actually you changed.

why do we need arm-wince-res?

Please split out the change

Please split out:
gfx/*  Ask stuart for a review.

Please split out:
media/*  Ask chris double for a review.

Please split out:
modules/lcms/*  Ask stuart for a review?  Not sure... maybe someone else.  This change needs to get upstream.

Please split out storage/*.  This is going to be hard.  You might be able to add a c++ block above this code that undefines the keywords?  ugh. ;-)

Split out the toolkit/library/* stuff.  :Bs can review.

Split out the js/src/* changes. 

Same with the widget, and xpcom code, ask me for a review of that.
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we are handling this bug in tigher scoped bugs.
Closed: 11 years ago
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we are building just fine.
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