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Create branch administration page


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The Pylons app has a branch administration page to administer the branches table (duh):

Not a huge deal, but the contents of this table dictate what shows up on the topcrashes page, so it'd be nice to get that working again so new versions will show up there.
Assignee: nobody → lorchard
Duplicate of this bug: 457947
Duplicate of this bug: 411344
Still need to find the apache config to enable LDAP auth for the admin pages, but posting this patch to add branches for now.
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Oops - quick revision to the patch!  The original webapp searched 1 week worth of reports for missing branches, but I was playing with an interval of 4 years since my laptop has barely any data.
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This is great. 

Please remove use of NOW() - 1 week interval and replace with a literal date. See for requirements.
Hmm, that seems vaguely familiar to what Lars was talking about at the on-site.  How's this patch look?  Seems to work, though my laptop probably doesn't have the partitioning
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} if (isset($_POST[$name])) {
should be 
}elseif (isset($_POST[$name])) {

in MY_Controller.php
public function getRequestParameters($params_and_defaults)
Doh.  So it should be indeed!
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another correction, this time to getching POST vars

Looks good.
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Once more note per a change in BETWEEN 
should be
reports.date_processed BETWEEN
trying to circle back to this bug, since I don't think I've checked in the patch but want to close the bug at some point soon.  Have there been any other major DB changes since 12/10?  I'm totally out of synch with things at this point, but it seems like I heard there were some big things moving around.
Nothing to change the branches table.

The -> reports.date_processed will happen, but isn't in prod yet.

There are some other chanegs, but I don't think they affect the admin screen.
Been sitting on this bug awhile now, thinking I probably won't be the one to close it.  Cleaning up my queue, so bowing out of it for now.
Assignee: lorchard → nobody
Whiteboard: admin-panel, next
Depends on: 522349
The latest patch attached to this bug has bitrot... the branches table is now a view on the productdims table. This Bug is a good start on the overall Admin page project.
Assignee: nobody → ryan
There are two related tables that may need to be simultaneously maintained:

productdims: Holds product,version,branch info

product_visibility: Holds start and stop dates for materialized views with a foreign key into productdims

description of the two tables is here:

Per discussion I've seen elsewhere, it may be nice to allow authorized users to add to the productdims table without updating product_visibility, or allow start dates in product_visibility that are in the future. product_visibility dates will almost surely need to be individually editable in the face of changing requirements
You may want to look at for some code that doesn't all hook together and work. models has some simple sql stuff.
Attached patch 1st Patch for Bug #454620 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Attached is the patch for bug #454620.

Included are fixes for LDAP, as well as the admin screen.

The LDAP authentication link has been moved to the footer, and an Admin link has been placed in the header for logged-in users.

An admin index page and controller have been added. The page for reading/updating/deleting product versions is:
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Attached patch 2nd Patch for Bug #454620 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
2nd patch for bug #454620.

Per Austin, updating select statement to read `productdims` instead of `branches`, in order to pickup the `release` field.
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Summary: re-implement branch administration page in php rewrite → Create branch administration page
(In reply to comment #18)
I think "2nd Patch for Bug #454620" is actually a patch from 456402 Improve user experience

Can you re-upload your patch?
Attached patch 3rd Patch for Bug #454620 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Thanks Austin...
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3rd Patch for Bug #454620

Nice work on CSS for message box and moving around the login link.

"admin" link from /reporter/admin/branch_data_sources is 404. Should be relative

Page is s l o w. We should analyze the queries and A note below about dates in the report table may help.

branch.php line 24 - we should setup the start/end date in product_visibility to be 90 days
Also this should be in the form as you initiall add the product/version. We'll just pre-fill it with 90 days, but they can tweak the date.

line 82 - due to the way reports table is partitioned... we aren't allowed to use date math in the SQL layer. Pre-calcuate the 1 week offset in PHP
timestamp with time zone '$now' - CAST('1 week' AS INTERVAL) AND                                                                                                               

admin.php line 24 - make call to parent::__construct() the first statement.

Related Work:
We should update
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Target Milestone: --- → 1.1
Attached is the patch from working with Austin, Frank and Lars during Socorro week.
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Patch from Socorro Week

Excellent work! We did a face to face and you have a couple minor notes, but good to go overall. Thanks.
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Committing final changes.


Sending        webapp-php/README.txt
Adding         webapp-php/application/controllers/admin.php
Sending        webapp-php/application/libraries/MY_Controller.php
Sending        webapp-php/application/models/branch.php
Adding         webapp-php/application/views/admin
Adding         webapp-php/application/views/admin/branch_data_sources.php
Adding         webapp-php/application/views/admin/index.php
Sending        webapp-php/application/views/common/query_form.php
Sending        webapp-php/application/views/layout.php
Sending        webapp-php/css/screen.css
Adding         webapp-php/js/socorro/admin.js
Sending        webapp-php/modules/auth/libraries/Auth.php
Transmitting file data ...........
Committed revision r1429.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Socorro → General
Product: Webtools → Socorro
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