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Update reporter to re-implement status page


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Once the cron job is in place to update a key->value table we need a simple script to pull it out and display it in the php reporter.

Les - could you work with Ted to come up with:
1) a simple way to store this info
2) a simple MVC for it in the reporter
Assignee: lorchard → aking
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Woo!  That looks awesome, Austin.
This patch has MVC for updates status screen. Attached is a screenshot.

We graph 4 stats (# of waiting jobs, # processors, avg process in sec, avg job wait) and show 2 more stats (date job recently completed, date of oldest job in queue) in the table of data.

The server has three states happy, grumpy, and deathly

Questions I have:
1) How frequent should server status be (5 minutes)?
2) How much history should we show (1 hour)?
3) What makes for a happy server? Which criteria and what are the thresholds. Currently this is hardcoded to happy

* I need to add where clause to limit server_status table query ( once I know answers to 1 and 2 above )
* Add a link to status page to the header ( site wide navigation )

Not directly related, but in patch for code review:
- pulled platform ("Windows" "windows" "#3Ef") info out of model and into a config file
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Patch depends on new table server_status populated by cron job

Adding morgamic to code review
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Reuploading patch. This time as the native svn diff.
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Added missing model and config to patch

Adding morgamic as reviewer
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Added missing model and config to patch

Looks good to me, and seems to work fine on my install.

I think morgamic mentioned it'd be nice to have a table of contents or something at the top of the page to jump down to individual graphs.

Also, might be good to file follow-up bugs to get a) the crontab script together to populate the server_status table, if not already done, and b) to finish the TODO for the calculation of the happy / grumpy / deathly status.

Oh, and also also:  Would be useful to include SQL to create the server_status table in the patch, or better yet in SVN once this is checked in.  Check out the sql/ directory one level up from the webapp-php directory.
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Note: python and db feedback from les Thanks, Bug 455080 has those details, yes did check in DDL SQL.

Check in r634. Other minor fixes in patch:
Changed report/do_list OS crash graph to be bar charts of total # of crashes by
Make OS names and colors a config instead of model code.
Marking fixed.
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Austin/Les - what do you think of this as an alternative to having the table of contents?
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Les - I noticed we picked 4.0.1 strict but it did not validate and we were self-terminating elements all over so I flipped it.  Mostly I like making people mad by serving xhtml as text/html.
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alternate version of status page w/ graph selector

I think the patch improves the page. I don't see any issues with the code. My one concern is putting related graphs behind a a dropdown removes the ability to compare them side by side.
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