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<object> in <head> should NOT be visible


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"The OBJECT element may also appear in the content of the HEAD element. Since user agents generally do not render elements in the HEAD, authors should ensure that any OBJECT elements in the HEAD do not specify content that may be rendered."

Gecko prints known Content Types to the document. Maybe this should only happen when the Browser is in Quirksmode?

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Renders "HEAD BODY" in Firefox, Safari 3.1.2 and Opera 9.51.
Renders "BODY" in IE8 beta2 (DOM has a "HEAD" text node under HEAD).
(same results in Quirks mode for all UAs)

HTML5 currently says "HEAD BODY" is correct, fwiw.
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Keywords: testcase
Is there a CSS on the object causing it to override the head child's default display property? And looking at your testcase you have both object elements as children of the body element.
The reason for this is that we ship <object> in <head> into the body. We have existing bugs on file for that.
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Ok, so this is the first reftest testcase I have written. I have one testcase for the Standards compliance case and one for the quirks mode. I'm not sure if layout/reftest/bugs is actually the correct location for this one (as this one here is more a parser thing)? Running the reftest suite with these changes works fine.
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Reftest testcase

Mats: Can you review this? I'm not really familiar with who can review testcases in this area of code.
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Reftest testcase

Reftests doesn't seem like the right choice to test this.
It doesn't really test what the DOM is and it's a relatively
expensive test method.

Adding to parser/htmlparser/tests/mochitest/regressions.txt
seems like a better choice.
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