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WinCE gfx cairo _cairo_win32_tmpfile does not compile


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Windows Mobile 6 Professional
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There is no _open_osfhandle function available in WinCE - but there is a CRT function to return a FILE * to a temporary file - tmpfile()
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Assignee: nobody → wolfe
I got the _cairo_win32_tmpfile() function inside cairo-win32.c, but missed the identical function inside cairo-misc.c

This updated patch does the identical change to the two identical source code functions.
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Duplicated _cairo_win32_tmpfile() functions - missed one on the first pass

please add this patch to gfx/cairo/ and update the README with the patch so it can be pushed upstream
Could the existing cairo code be replaced with tmpfile() on Windows altogether? Without the need to special case WINCE?
we can't -- see the comment at the top of _cairo_win32_tmpfile()
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Assignee: wolfe → doug.turner
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patch v.1

Looks fine, but can you just delete the duplicate function in cairo-win32.c?  No reason for it to be there, was just an omission in not removing it when it got moved to -misc.c
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after talking to vlad, this patch removes the cairo-win32.c file from the Makefile.  This change needs to be reflected upstream.
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be1ce0c38423	Doug Turner — Bug 456644 - WinCE gfx cairo _cairo_win32_tmpfile does not compile. r=vlad

thanks vlad.
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