changelog Atom feed is hard to read with long lines wrapped in <pre>



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The changelog Atom feed takes commit messages, both single-line ones of arbitrary length from -m and multi-line ones (either multiline in the sense of hard returns at some random character, or multiline in the sense of two newlines for new paragraphs), and stuffs them into a <content type="xhtml"><pre>...</pre></content> wrapper.

Because we rarely use either sort of multi-line messages, but we very frequently use single-line ones that are wider than my feed reader's window, reading the changelog feed involves constant horizontal scrolling.

There's no simple solution while retaining the ideological purity of a type="xhtml" content element (that would require a much fancier nl2<br/>&<p></p> instead of the simple nl2br/addbreaks filter), but ideological purity doesn't soothe my scrolling finger, and there's very, very little purity in "my inline XHTML is plain text stuffed in a <pre>."

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11 years ago
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The simple fix: convert our plain text with significant whitespace into escaped HTML with newlines turned into breaks. What it lacks in prettiness it more than makes up for in actual readable output.
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Well, what would IMHO be better is if people used the convention that there's a relatively short first line describing the fix, then a newline, then some more text describing the changeset, where all of the lines should be < 80 chars.
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Fix v.1

Let's talk about how changing the feed output is way easier than changing 10 years of culture around commit messages.

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I scrolled through the 262 mozilla-central entries and 172 comm-central entries my reader has at the moment, and it looks like maybe five people are trying (or tried) to do 80 columns with a first line heading, and of those five one actually managed to do it consistently.

Tell you what, how about if we reconsider after you remove -m from hg?
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