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shipped-locales update for Firefox 3.1 Beta 1


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Firefox 3.1b1


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We should update the shipped locales info in the tree for Firefox 3.1.

I'm wondering in which form we want to do that.

Updating shipped-locales, with a separate file for source stamps, or one file including both. A shipped-locales.ini like


platforms=linux win32


would work for me, though that's somewhat tuning the world towards python scripting.

We could go for both for B1, and see which is better to work with. From the l10n process side, one file to transfer would be preferred.

When are we going to start the builds? I'd rather not give the final sign off if we're still off by a few hours. I heard stuff about metered landings today still, for example.

The current list of locales is at with the source stamps as handed in by the localizers, which is 35 locales long, including ja-JP-mac excluding en-US.
From a release standpoint we need a regular shipped-locales file (same format used for fx2 and 3), and a l10n-changesets file, probably generated with get-l10n-revs.

We've already got a bunch of code that relies on the shipped-locales format, and unless there's a reason to change it I don't think we should.

For the purposes of this bug and 3.1b1 can we update shipped-locales like we always do? I don't think day-before-builds-start is the right time to be implementing new configuration files.
Korean is in, patch for b1. l10n-changesets coming up next.
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[checked in] l10n-changesets

Is this the final version?
From all I know, yes, I don't have any changes in the pipeline right now.

I don't know how things would look next week, and I guess neither of us knows when we actually start the builds, so this comes with limited warranty.
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[checked in] l10n-changesets

Okay, I've checked this in. We'll update later if need be.
changeset:   389:87374e3f8d8e
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