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Port nanojit to PowerPC


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first priority is 32bit mac osx
Machine dependent content has been moved out of Assembler.cpp to Nativei386.cpp and NativeThumb.cpp to simplify future ports to Power PC and additional platform
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Since there are a lot of patches being developed in parallel for nanojit, it would be better to not do any unnecessary reformatting until we reach a stable point.  Assembler.cpp in particular has lots of diff blocks that are just spacing and indentation.  lets revert those changes.

Once the major patches are all done and landed we can do a single reformat patch.

I think printActivationState() should remain cpu-independent, its not clear why ARM needs to be ifdef'd in there at all?  is it just a bug being worked around?

Lastly, and i hate to inflict this, but we should rebase this work so it's based on a recent tamarin-redux stable point, instead of tamarin-central.  (tamarin-redux contains all of what is in tamarin-central so it should just be a forward merge).  the latest tamarin-redux added a separate NativeARM.cpp to keep ARM stuff separate from Thumb.
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Attached patch ver1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
reapply vlad's changes to latest redux and minimize the diffs.

Tested and running on mac only.
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watch out for unintended xcode project file changes, that compatibilityVersion attribute keeps coming and going...
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compiles for winmobile and x64, but haven't run tests against it.
pushed...and whoops forgot to exclude the xcode project file.  And yes its annoying.
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Looks like you broke the ARM build.
Sorry to cause pain didn't recognize that autobuilds for ARM weren't including NJ.
partly working prototype can be found in


* ppc64
* saved fpu registers (F14-F31)
* use multi-load/store for saved regs
* patching far branches >24bit
* use float multiply-add instructions (even without intermediate rounding?)
* avoid condition register contention with cror
* save/restore CR2-4? (currently not used)
* use dedicated stack area for saved regs?
* use R2 (TOC) as scratch on mac? which platforms dedicate TOC?
* debug the test suite & esc
* LIR_x,xt,xf,loop, frag patching
* fold addressing modes
* i2d & u2d helper functions? is alignment okay with "lfd f, 12(sp)"?
Assignee: vrainish → edwsmith
just hit 0 failures in test/acceptance

performance on dual cpu 2.7Ghz G5 powermac:

avm: ../../../redux/objdir-r/shell/avmshell -Ojit     (MIR)
avm2: ../../../ppcjit/objdir-r/shell/avmshell -Ojit   (nanojit)
iterations: 1

test                                                   MIR    LIR      %sp  metric

misc/                                         7552    6578    14.8    time
misc/                                     1911    1765     8.3    time
misc/                                   11718   10747     9.0    time
misc/                                       52341   48318     8.3    time
scimark/                                        9122    7514    21.4    time
scimark/                                        10003    7278    37.4    time
scimark/                                11143    6669    67.1    time
scimark/                                        6621    6018    10.0    time
scimark/                              4378    4396    -0.4    time
This just cleans up some code to better support big endian and 64bit RegisterMask, but does not add PPC support.

The big-endian fixes might be useful for the Sparc port too.
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needs more range limit testing, and ignore the jitcount/jitmax debug cruft.  (see above todo list).
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nanojit backend for 32bit PowerPC

Looks good so far.  There are a few TODO() calls still in there which I suspect need work.  Also I'm wondering if we can use the API porting layer all the time; i.e. get rid of icache_flush
yeah, the icache_flush code needs to be cleaned up, and also the code to mark memory as executable also needs cleanup.  we can model a NJ porting layer the same way as we're doing with VMPI.  (NJPI?)
(In reply to comment #14)
> yeah, the icache_flush code needs to be cleaned up, and also the code to mark
> memory as executable also needs cleanup.  we can model a NJ porting layer the
> same way as we're doing with VMPI.  (NJPI?)

Configurability & portability are already very low, please stick to a single platform layer :-)
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cleanup patch to prepare for adding ppc support

pushed to tamarin-redux as 1180:988439d954d9
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This should be final (sandbox build running now).

since the last patch:

* added & debugged PEDANTIC mode
* fixed remaining TODOs that apply to tamarin
* added cmpwi and cmplwi optimization
* cleaned up nPatchBranch

performance vs MIR

avm: ../../../redux/objdir-r/shell/avmshell -Ojit 
avm2: ../../../ppcjit/objdir-r/shell/avmshell -Ojit
iterations: 1

test                                                   avm    avm2     %sp  metric

misc/                                         7764    7378     5.2    misc/                                     2062    1884     9.4
misc/                                   12594   10706    17.6
misc/                                       54065   46614    16.0
scimark/                                        9146    8228    11.2
scimark/                                        10059    7997    25.8
scimark/                                11192    6887    62.5
scimark/                                        6550    6610    -0.9
scimark/                              4447    4507    -1.3
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hopefully final patch, only TODOs are trace specific, PEDANTIC is happy.

Marking + for review of all non-ppc changes, since I don't want to hold up the submit.  

Will eye-ball the ppc files later.
pushed to tamarin-redux as 1198:63bf07dcdb6d

Will leave this bug open pending final review
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Blocks: 468445
changes are now in tamarin-redux.  deleted working repository at
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any chance to porting to mozilla-central?
> any chance to porting to mozilla-central?

If you indirectly mean SpiderMonkey then yes, 
I imagine the code will eventually land in that 
repo.  BTW, if you like ppc have a look at 
bug #468445
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