Data detectors for dates/times for iCal integration



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You know how when you get an email in, you can hover your mouse over a date and then it would say -- add as event to iCal.

That would be nice.

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I'm not entirely clear what you're asking for here -- are you asking for Camino to have this ability when using webmail (e.g., Gmail or Yahoo Mail)?

If so, I think it's pretty clearly well outside the scope of what Camino is responsible for, and something that the webmail provider would have to offer.

If not, please elaborate on what you're asking for.

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11 years ago
It's asking for data-detector-style support for events (along the lines of doing what bug 395115 wants for contact info, except that we'd have to sniff these out ourselves).
So any date anywhere in the browser content area would potentially be something you could add an event for?

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11 years ago
Yea, that is how Mail works.
Summary: iCal and Camino integration. → Data detectors for dates/times for i
Summary: Data detectors for dates/times for i → Data detectors for dates/times for iCal integration
Mail on the iPhone (I don't use the OS X version, so maybe it does this now, too) is even smart enough to turn stuff like "next Tuesday" or "Wednesday at 1" into iCal event-creation links.

This is pretty sweet, and I think it's a good idea, although we'd have to be very careful not to cause a serious perf issue on long pages or pages with lots of dates. For instance, this bug page has one date per comment, minimum, along with the two examples I gave above. Detecting all those seems like it could be slow.

Is there any plan for Core to support this at all, or is this something that we'd have to do *totally* on our own?


9 years ago
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We want to do this. Somehow. Eventually.

(Does embeddable Webkit support this out-of-the-box? Just thinking out loud...)
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