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CreateTruncatedCocoaLabel function in MenuHelpersX not available in 64-bit


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MenuHelpersX::CreateTruncatedCocoaLabel (in widget/src/cocoa/ will truncate the label text of menus and menuitems if they are above a certain length. They do this via the TruncateThemeText carbon call (deprecated as of OS X 10.5). Apart from being deprecated, it appears that this call is unnecessary.

In a xulrunner build I have locally -- the actual app has some menu items with fairly long names, especially in some locales -- I've commented out the call to ::TruncateThemeText and cranked the resolution down to see what happens. It seems that Cocoa is smart enough to shorten menuitem labels and menu labels automatically -- via an ellipsis at the end of the label or mid-label -- if working with a screen resolution too small to fit everything in appropriately. No explicit calls to ::TruncateThemeText are necessary, and in fact, for me, they're harmful.

So it seems like CreateTruncatedCocoaLabel could be eliminated and calls made to it replaced with a call that converts the nsString label to an NSString* directly. I don't know enough about upstream dev practices to suggest a patch myself, though.


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Create an application menu or menuitem with an unusually long label (> 300 pixels required to render)
Actual Results:  
The label is abbreviated with an ellipsis mid-label or at the end of the label, invariably

Expected Results:  
The label should be abbreviated with an ellipsis only if necessary, per screen resolution and menu geometry

My build machine is running OS 10.4. Whoever looks at this bug should probably confirm the behavior is the same in OS 10.5.
We need to take care of this for 64-bit.
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If I remove truncation of menu item labels I don't see them getting truncated for us. We get some really long menu items, try bookmarking a page with a long title.

We might be able to use "NSLineBreakByTruncatingMiddle" and NSMenuItem's "setAttributedTitle:" as a replacement for "TruncateThemeText".
Summary: CreateTruncatedCocoaLabel function in MenuHelpersX uses deprecated API, perhaps obsolete → CreateTruncatedCocoaLabel function in MenuHelpersX not available in 64-bit
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Turn off truncation for now, will file a new bug on adding that to 64-bit in the future. There is no good API for it on 64-bit that I know of.

Also fix up some memory mgmt stuff related to that function.
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