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If 'Directory Server' is enabled it is not possible to add more then one attendees at once


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- go to Prefrences/Composition/Addressing
- check 'Directory Server'
- create a new event
- open the attendees dialog
- try to invite more than one attendees


- it's not possible to add more then one attendee without closing the dialog


- it should be possible to add more than one attendee


- always
Assuming this is the code I think it is (LDAP directory servers) that has been copy & pasted from MsgComposeCommands.js then before doing much work on it, it would be better to wait for my work on bug 452232 which is intending to greatly simplify the code required for LDAP autocomplete.
Depends on: 452232
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0+
I could not reproduce this issue with the latest nightlies. bug 452232 will unfortunately not block tb3.
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This partially fixes the problem - input.syncSessions is undefined because we're not replacing the dummy element early enough, and hence the elements aren't connected right.

There are still significant issues with LDAP with this patch, and which seem to stop shutdown working correctly as well. My only thought is that the LDAP sessions aren't quite being handled correctly, and comparison of the xml file with the existing LDAP setup code may help.
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[checked in] Partial Patch

If this patch improves the situation, I'm fine with that. Do you think fixing the attendees dialog to work correctly with ldap is something feasible for 1.0 (i.e amount of work vs amount of improvement) ?
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Mark, can you please check this in?
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I'll check this in once the tree reopens - I don't want to push now as we are in the critical stage.
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[checked in] Partial Patch

Checked in:

Leaving open for now as it doesn't fix the problem fully.
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Seems the checkin for this bug fixed Bug 459905 too. Thanks!
So, what exactly is left from this bug? Is the bug summary still valid? Do we really need to fix this for 1.0 ?
I can still confirm this issue, and can only auto-complete an attendee once. IMHO this is an important feature and used quite often, thus we shouldn't release without fixing it.
I've attached a proposed patch to fix the other half of this bug (more than one invitee auto-completion). I agree with Daniel that this is an important issue. I understand that there may be work on implementing this through some new way, but for the time being it would be great to see the current implementation work as needed.
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many user LDAP auto-complete patch

Pushing in Philipp's review queue to get some feedback for Aaron.
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many user LDAP auto-complete patch

Aaron, sorry for the delay. The patch works as expected, except for an error message alert on shutdown. This is fixed by forcing a garbage collection on unload. I've added this to the patch and will check in soon.

There were also a few places with tabs instead of spaces, I've also fixed this.

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Closed: 13 years ago
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