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301 and 302 redirects not done properly with caldav provider


(Calendar :: Provider: CalDAV, defect)

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If a server responds with a 301 or 302 response code, the client will do a GET http method instead of the previously redirected method.

To reproduce you can try a http:// connection to our hosted server ( it should redirect to https:// of the same url.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
I believe we need to resetup the channel in case of a redirect, I think we forgot to do that when fixing the original bug. Will look into this.
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After a lot of sweat and blood, I was finally able to find all problems regarding redirection.

Since the most common use of 3xx redirects is to redirect from http -> https, we might want to actually change the internal URL in case that is the only change to reduce the number of requests done, but I'll leave this to a different bug.
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Fix - v1

the patch looks good, athough I haven't tested it; r=dbo

I am wondering if ics/gdata/wcap would benefit from such a fix, too?
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GData already takes care of redirects but in a different way. Not sure if/how wcap does so. A helper in calProviderUtils.js might be a good idea, with a list of headers to copy.

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Anybody knows about ics?
Philipp, could you write a follow-up bug or should we use this one to complete the works w.r.t. ics/wcap?
ICS seems to work out of the box. I don't have a wcap server that redirects to test this.
What about using a proxy server? cal-emea uses https.
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