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Monthly recurrence rule "Last Day Of Month" breaks Custom Recurrence Dialog upon editing


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Monthly recurrence rule "Last Day Of Month" breaks Custom Recurrence Dialog upon editing

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start Sunbird with clean profile
2. Switch to Month view and select the last day of the month (31-Oct-2008)
3. Create new event make it repeat Monthly, Last Day of the month
4. Save and close the event
5. Reopen the event for editing, choose All Occurrences when prompted
6. Open the Edit Recurrence dialog

Actual Results:
Custom Recurrence Dialog displays "Monthly" in the dropdown menu but the other controls belong to the Daily recurrence. Preview is not correct. Error Console shows:

  Error: days[val[i] - 1] is undefined
  Source File: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-daypicker.xml
  Line: 271

Expected Results:
Custom Recurrence Dialog shows the correct content and settings that were used when creating the event.

Looking for related bugs I stumbled about Bug 453138 but that seems to be only a cosmetic issue.
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0? with a negative value (from the last day of month rule) causes a negative index for the value given to the setter, so tries to get the element from the days array with a negative index.
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This should do it. Stefan, can you test the patch, please?
Assignee: nobody → mschroeder
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Andreas tested yesterday and found it worked Ok. I will do the review later on.
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Patch v1

Looking at your fix I could see that your introduced logic has already been implemented in the "daypicker-weekday" binding. This fortifys my attitude about the importance of source code consolidation.
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Closed: 15 years ago
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0?
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Checked in sunbird and lightning build 20081202 -> VERIFIED.
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