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Free Beer for Fixing Easy Polish Bugs


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This is a tracking bug to keep track of who I owe a beer in return
for fixing an easy polish bug (visual or interactive).
What about those of us who don't like beer Alex?
>What about those of us who don't like beer Alex?

Exchanges can be made for a wide variety of different beverages (except for wine, which is bug 462080).

To qualify, the bug you fix needs to contain the comment:

"this bug is eligible for bug 462081"

(ideally from me :)
bug 454338 has to be pretty easy to fix and would make a huge difference for anyone who reads this.
Marco and Dao: if you are both going to be in Mountain View in April, I owe you a good amount of beer for all of the high visibility polish bugs.  We'll have to find an evening to go to a good microbrewery so I can pay up :)
can't wait!
Like Shawn, I'll need an exchange ;) much beer was passed around so far? :)
actually more wine went out oddly enough (Rob Arnold for aero glass, Jim Mathias for transparent panels, and Neil Deakin for focus rings*), but there is a summit coming up and I know that I owe more than a few people some rounds on me.

*pending on delivery
to clarify, that's pending on delivery of the beverage :) the patch is of course landed and great.
marking wfm since Alex left Mozilla in 2011
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