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Event handlers in video control XBL binding should self-terminate.


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From bug 448909 comment 79 (and some discussion leading up to that)...

The event handlers added by the controls binding can outlive the binding (eg, when the <video> node is removed from the document). We should look at having them self-terminate, since they're no longer needed at that point.
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Something like this... Stole the <field name="alive"> trick from bug 206636, and moved the repeated addEventListener calls into loop with an array of events.

This is sufficient to make the listeners self-terminate, but the video controls don't work quite right when the binding is reattached. The construction needs to do a little work to extract the current state of the video, since the events it's listening for might have already been dispatched.

I'd like to spin off the code bug 462113 is adding into helper functions (so it can be reused here). I'll either do that in the next round of reviews for that bug, or do it here after that lands.
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This makes the video controls self-terminate, even if another instance of the binding has since been re-added (only the older instances will self-terminate). The controls also pick up the correct initial state, so that if they are attached to a video that's already started playback the controls are as expected.
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So this manifests as controls not working when the video is removed and re-added to the document, right? I don't think we need to block on this although we do definitely want a fix.
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Patch v.2

Oops. I figured gavin might get around to reviewing this while Enn was away, but we both seem to have forgotten about this patch. :)
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Patch v.2

Odd, but ok I guess. Why the 'alive' variable? Cannot randomID be used and initialized to some non-zero value?
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Yeah, I'll just drop |alive|. I started out with only that, added the randomID to catch the case of a different binding being attached, and didn't merge them.
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Updated with nits.
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Patch v.3

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