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Remove override of +[NSGrayFrame drawBevel:...]


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The code in question (from bug 303110) overrides a private method. This can lead to a crash with an awesome stack when Shapeshifter is installed:

The "drawing bug" that this override tries to avoid only shows on 10.4 and is really minor (screenshots coming). I think we should just remove it.
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See if you can spot the difference :-)
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Fine with me, those hacks are nasty. I'm sure someone will complain about the little glitch but we should file a bug with Apple.

Please do the following too...
- file a bug with Apple
- put the Apple bug # in this bug
- file a new Mozilla bug on the visual glitch after landing
- link the new Mozilla bug to this bug
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That bug was 10.4-only. It's fixed in 10.5 so I won't file a new bug.
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a=beltzner, mmm, nasty hacks
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Markus/Josh/etc.: is this 1.9.0-fodder?  

I don't actually know how common the fun crashes are (I've personally only heard from the one Camino user we saw in #camino that day), but I did notice this bug come up again when Wladimir recently pointed to the list of TomTom's patches:
Thanks a lot for pointing me to this bug - I always had a problem with this particular patch because it was applied without really understanding the implications and because it didn't follow out usual procedure of submitting it for a review here before we apply it to our XULRunner. But looking at the patch here, it does exactly the same thing so apparently it was the right thing to do after all.
Btw, we did release TomTom HOME 2.3 and 2.4 on XULRunner 1.9.0 with this patch applied and I am not aware of any issues. So from what I can tell, it is safe.
Blocks: tomtom
Josh, Markus: Should we take this on 1.9.0?
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I wouldn't mind putting this on 1.9.0.
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I also think we should take it.
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Approved for, a=dveditz for release-drivers.
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Checking in widget/src/cocoa/;
/cvsroot/mozilla/widget/src/cocoa/,v  <--
new revision: 1.150; previous revision: 1.149
Keywords: fixed1.9.0.6
Is there any real scenario here to reproduce the crash?
Yes, I think it's as easy as:
1. Use Mac OS 10.4.
2. Install ShapeShifter:
3. Try to start Firefox.

I haven't tried it myself, though.

This mozillaZine thread shows that the problem is fairly common:
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