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drop preference to ask before clearing private data


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The "Always ask me before clearing private data" preference should be removed as it supports use cases that are largely redundant. 

Presently we support:
1a. An on-demand function that confirms which items should be deleted
1b. An on-demand function that deletes the last-selected items without confirmation
2a. An automatic on-exit deletion of the last selected items with confirmation
2b. An automatic on-exit deletion of the last selected items without confirmation

I would assert that both 1b and 2a are redundant use cases.

1b: while this allows a "boss key" which quickly and silently deletes private data, that is an edge-case scenario which is better supported by the add-on space, and the cost of not noticing that "Clear Private Data..." has changed to "Clear Private Data" is quite high for people who flip the "always ask" pref away from the default of true.

2a: this function is redundant; if a user wishes to only occasionally remove private data, they can do so with the on-demand function if they need post-hoc removal, or the Private Browsing Mode if they're all a priori-like. The automatic removal of data is best used for people who know that they never want that sort of data to persist when they close their browser/

To simplify the entire Clear Private Data pref-space, we should just drop 1b and 2a from our supported use cases. This means removing the "Ask before clearing private data" setting and treating if it were always set to true, such that:

 - Tools > Clear Private Data always shows a dialog
 - when "automatically clear" is set, it never shows a confirmation dialog

No migration of prefs is needed; if people had flipped the pref, then when using the Tools > Clear Private Data they'll see a dialog (no dataloss). For the few who'd set "automatically clear" and "always ask" they'll either a) no longer see an annoying dialog that they always say "yes" to, or b) learn really quickly that we've removed that confirmation.
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I don't agree that the preference should be removed completely.
2a for example is quite useful: asking if you want to remove private data on exit.  Lets say most of the time I _do_ want to remove it but once in a while I want to remember what I was doing last session.
I'm too tired to think of a examples but I'm sure I could come up with some if pressed.
Keeping it in the UI is a different story (perhaps better served by the extension GUI:config) but in general: removing prefs is not a good idea.
Failing to remove functionality results in the 15 different ways to shut down vista.  I whole completely agree with beltzner that we have our primary use cases covered and we should remove the pref.
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Kill the UI for the pref

I think we want to land this after b2.  removing strings, afaik, should still be ok...
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this is a dupe of already-landed bug 469158.
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