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Create new try server build slaves - 1 linux, 1 win32, 2 mac


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I can get to sm-try1-linux-slave and sm-try2-linux-slave; I need to request sm-try3-linux-slave and clone from the same image and set up.

I can get to sm-try1-win32-slave and sm-try2-win32-slave; I need to request sm-try3-win32-slave and clone from the same image and set up.

I'm not entirely sure which mac box to use as the reference; the env logs at http://sm-try-master:8010/builders/Try%20server%20mac%20hg%20builder/builds/848/steps/dump%20env%20vars/logs/stdio don't specify HOSTNAME or COMPUTERNAME and I'm not sure what to use from (bm-xserve15? try-pmac-unit-01?).  Once I figure that out I need to ask for 2 more and set up.

Then run the unit tests and builds across them and put in the try server host pools.
The mac machine is sm-xserve15. You should probably use fresh ref platform clones for the linux and windows machines -- that's what the existing slaves are cloned from.
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[checked in] add more slaves to try server host pools

Checking in master.cfg;
/cvsroot/mozilla/tools/buildbot-configs/tryserver/master.cfg,v  <--  master.cfg
new revision: 1.20; previous revision: 1.19
added try-linux-slave03, try-win-slave03, try-mac-slave01, and try-mac-slave02 to the prod try server.
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