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11 years ago
Our goal for including an RSS feed in the live bookmark is to demonstrate dynamic, changing and relevant content. We would suggest you choose something your users are interested in and that is locally relevant. By default this is the same as en-US, which is BBC news.

Hung, do you have any suggestions?

The implementation is done via a change of the redirect on mozilla.com, and is a server-side change only.

Comment 1

11 years ago
The BBC has a Vietnamese-language feed, as well (http://www.bbc.co.uk/vietnamese/index.xml ). However, a prominent news source in Vietnam could also be used, such as Vietnam Net (http://vietnamnet.vn/rss/vnn_tinmoinhat.rss ).
Yes, I'd recommend rss feed from VIET NAM NET. (The Vietnamese-language rss feed from BBC is not updated frequently).

Comment 3

11 years ago
I also recommend VnExpress (http://vnexpress.net/) the most accessed news page from Vietnam as ALEXA.

Comment 4

11 years ago
Does VnExpress have a feed for all their headlines? The closest thing I found was http://vnexpress.net/RSS/GL/The-gioi.rss , which covers international news.


11 years ago
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QA Contact: vietnamese.vi
Yeah, I couldn't understand why the biggest news site (its rank on Alexa is "boosted", though) doesn't have an overall headlines feed.

I think we should make a final choice here:

Comment 6

11 years ago
I have just received an email from VnExpress Administrator, they said that they're on their way to build first page RSS, and will email me when they finish. Does anyone know when this bug will be closed?

Comment 7

11 years ago
Well, we've got to decide between VNN and VnExpress first.

Comment 8

11 years ago
I have a deal, VnExpress is best-known in Vietnam, so if VnExpress has RSS feed before the due-day, we choose VnExpress, otherwise, VNN is the first choice.
I'd rather choose VietnamNet. They have detailed reviews and articles, especially on society.

VNExpress's high rank is really suspicious, they have used some methods to boost their rank. Most of their articles are copied from other sources. And Look at their World news right now:
- "What did Obama do last week?"
- "Obama's daughter is invited to play a role in a film"
- "Making love on boat"

Comment 10

11 years ago
VnExpress has supplied the RSS for their First Page:


And they will soon publicly announce it on their websites.

About what we have to choose, we can't argue personally about what we like or dislike. We must have a third-party to be referenced, this situation is Alexa. If you choose VNN for the news, how can you explain if the users ask why don't you choose Tuổi trẻ Online, or Tiền Phong Online, or Kênh 14. There must be a measure to follow.

Comment 11

11 years ago
I have to agree with Hùng that VnExpress doesn't offer very hard-hitting news. But we should still include it unless we can find evidence that VNN is read more. Google Trends also shows that VnExpress has been on top for the past year or so (http://www.google.com/trends?q=vietnamnet%2C+vnn%2C+vnexpress).
Oops, I have been waiting without hope for a long time to see if VNExpress would make an overall headlines feed for my news reader. And now, just in a glance, they made it!

In facts, we can choose what we personally like because we can't always make choices based on polls/votes. Did Mozilla ask which their users want for the rss feed in Firefox en-US version? The answer is no.

I could give you more reasons to use VNN feed than even TuoiTre, ThanhNien, Kenh14(what?!). However, I think that's ok now. VNExpress is still one of my most visited sites. Just hope that they will have an article about the Vietnamese localized Firefox when it is officially released. ^^

(PS: The most important thing is that who in Mozilla we should contact to? My advisor has been on a travel, he told me that he would reply my email in one day, and now it has already been 4 days.)
Thanks to all for your suggestions. 

The popularity of the website is an important metric, but not the only one. We also care a lot about the user experience: the quality of the service and content, as well as usefulness to the users.

Maybe the questions on this page will help: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox_web_services_guidelines#Live_Bookmark

I also believe that the website that we choose should easily expose their RSS link to the user, e.g. using the feed icon in the location bar (by putting <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" ... /> in the HTML). After all, the purposes of having a sample feed are:
* to demonstrate the 'Live Bookmark' feature,
* to demonstrate the usefulness of RSS/ATOM feeds in general,
* to bring relevant news to the users. 
As of now, VnExpress doesn't seem to do that, but according to comment 10, they will soon announce the global feed on their website. Do we know if they will include the icon as well? Should I contact them and ask?

I was a bit worried about Hung's comment 9 and the headlines quoted from VnExpress. I don't speak Vietnamese myself (unfortunately), so would you mind sharing with me what you all think about quality of news on both vietnamnet.vn and vnexpress.net?

Thanks again!
Thanks for your response, Staś!

After reading your comment, I think we shouldn't care about VNExpress anymore.

It's in fact a news website by a commercial IT company, so they sometimes use the site as an unfair tool to promote their partners. For ex, they recently had an article about some antivirus softwares which were described as "cause unstability to the PCs" (yeah, their way of writing made people think that using those AVs would make them not be able to login into their PCs, break their system, etc...) And at last, they featured an AV. And you know what, they're the distributor of that AV! And that's not an advertisement, it's an article in the Computing & Technology category.

Even more, they sometimes have "letters from readers" which complain about their "open source" OS/softwares. For ex, some people say they "couldn't use Ubuntu", "Ubuntu is so complicated, why don't we use Windows", "I don't understand Linux", "Vista is not that bad, try to use it" (I wonder why dont they say "try to use Linux")... The only open source software was featured on VNExpress is Firefox, though :D

So, once again, I think we should make a final choice, so that we could have time to process other issues.

Stas, I think you may want to contact the people at VietnamNet right now :) If there are problems in contacting them, just please tell me.

Comment 15

11 years ago
(In reply to comment #14)
> It's in fact a news website by a commercial IT company, so they sometimes use
> the site as an unfair tool to promote their partners. 

Thank you very much for providing this perspective and information.  This type of information is critically important for choosing the right default partners and providing the best possible experience to users in Vietnam.
Given the previous comments, I think it is fair to make VietnamNet our final choice. I will write to them and ask for the permission to include their RSS feed as the default live bookmark in Vietnamese version of Firefox. Thanks to all for your valuable input!
The only e-mail address I can find is hotnews@vietnamnet.vn. Hung, can you point me to a better resource? (or is this one OK?)
Yes, that one is ok. I have contacted with them through that address until recently.
If you wouldn't receive their reply in the next 12 hours, just please buzz me.
One last question: in comment 1 and comment 5 there are two different feeds mentioned:


Which one should we choose?
They seem to provide the same news, but:
"tinmoinhat" means "hottest news"
"trangnhat" means "homepage"

So, as you can see, we'll choose
VietNamNet said they've replied Staś's email.
Depends on: 471460
They did, thanks Hung for your help. I got a reply from Nguyen Doan Trong Hieu
saying that VietNamNet can easily handle any additional traffic. 

I updated the tracking spreadsheet, as well as the wiki page here:

I filed an IT bug to change the redirect: bug 471460. Once it is resolved, we
can close this bug as well. 

Thanks to all for your input!
The redirect has been set up and is now in place. Marking as fixed.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I've also notified VNN about this.
Thank you!
The site has changed their layout and rss links. Please update the RSS sample feed to this:

Comment 26

10 years ago
Hùng, thank you for this note.  Is the current Vietnamese Firefox rss feed broken now?  Did Vietnamnet contact you about this change-over or did you discover this after the fact?

To anyone in Mozilla l10n, should this be a new bug?
As a user of Vietnamese Firefox (of course!), I knew this right when they made their change (at first, the new feeds didnt even compatible with Firefox).

However, they fixed it and Mr Hieu suggested me the new rss link.

Comment 28

10 years ago
Please file a new bug with a reference to this bug and CC stas and me.

Comment 29

10 years ago
PS: there are some validation errors on http://validator.w3.org/feed/check.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Fvietnamnet.vn%2Frss%2Findex.rss, but those shouldn't block.
http://fxfeeds.mozilla.com/vi/firefox/headlines.xml and 
http://vietnamnet.vn/rss/vnn_tinmoinhat.rss both give me 404. I filed bug 523158 to have the redirect changed. I set the severity to 'critical', as this seems to break the user experience badly ATM.
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