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mkdepend crashes while compiling freetype


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It also crashes when compiling other sources that include freetype headers.  For some reason we're dividing by zero when parsing some macros.
Attached patch fixes the crash (obsolete) — Splinter Review
instead of dividing by zero, set the result to the largest integer it can hold
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What file is being compiled when mkdepend crashes? I'm a little leery of changing the mkdepend sources independently, since I'm pretty certain it is a straight import of external code (FreeBSD stuff, perhaps?)
CVS logs say it's from X11, but they also say we've taken local patches:
It appears to crash anywhere ftconfig.h is included, while evaluating "FT_SIZEOF_INT  (32 / FT_CHAR_BIT)."  So there are two bugs here.  First being FT_CHAR_BIT is defined to be 0, which is wrong.  It appears to expect CHAR_BIT to be defined in <limits.h>

  /* `CHAR_BIT' (defined in limits.h) gives the number of bits in a      */
  /* `char' type.                                                        */

#ifndef FT_CHAR_BIT

The second problem being that mkdepend crashes when it encounters this, giving no useful error message.
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fixes the crash

Yeah, I don't think this is the right solution.
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Without this patch (and just using the CHAR_BIT=8 patch in, i continue to crash when building cairo.
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fixes the crash

Benjamin, what do you think the right solution is?
I think the right solution is for mkdepend to report an error if you try to divide by zero.
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throws an error for division by zero

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Why hasn't this landed on branch yet?
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