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Tracking Bug for Disabled Tests For Fennec


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We are using this bug to track tests that we have no option but to disable for Fennec.  This should be a VERY small list.  And there should be decent reasons why we're not fixing a given issue for Fennec and instead choosing to add it to this list.  

We'll also attach patches here to do the disabling of the tests.

First test to disable:
* test_bug391777
** Test:
** Reason: opening a modal dialog with a Javascript URL is not a common thing to be done on the web.  Furthermore, the original testcase in the bug passes using a Fennec build from November 6, even though this mochitest does not pass.  So I feel pretty confident that we're not breaking anything too serious by disabling this test.
Blocks: 454613
I have also noticed that these tests are not included in the test tree on mobile:

I am not sure if these are disabled, but they are not run on mobile right now
adding chrome test case: widget/tests/test_bug343416.xul
layout/xul/base/test/test_resizer.xul (bug 590248 - no resizing on maemo)
Depends on: 590248
content/events/test/test_dragstart.html (bug 585630 - dragstart; consider re-enabling)
Depends on: 585630
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