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Scheduled for release on December 1, 2008.

We cannot take 3.6.5 because our automated test suite caught a bug in it (http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=3497).

Requesting blocking because this blocks bug 462173, and we need a newer SQLite to fix it (anything newer than 3.6.5 will do for that bug).
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I discussed this with sdwilsh on IRC, and decided that this in itself doesn't block the Firefox 3.1 release since it's hard to block on external dependencies. That said, fixing bug 462173 and allowing async queries will allow for a more responsive UI, and Shawn's obviously been very careful about testing versions of SQLite to ensure they don't break us, so I think that if it comes up for approval, we should seriously consider it.
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Posted patch v1.0 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
It came out sooner. :)

This also needs the changes to the sqlite files, and that patch can be found here:
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try server shows no regressions
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I have also verified that the upgrade patch produces results identical to the contents of the sqlite 3.6.6 amalgamation release (though omitting sqlite3ext.h).
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There is a reported corruption issue with 3.6.4 - 3.6.6.  It'll be fixed in 3.6.7, which we should take, and we should block the release of 1.9.1 on.
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Summary: Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.6 → Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.7
Whiteboard: [has patch][needs review asuth] → [needs new patch] came out sooner because they didn't like having a release out there with the corruption bug present.
Summary: Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.7 → Upgrade to SQLite
Posted patch v1.1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Updated our changes for

This also takes http://hg.mozilla.org/users/sdwilsh_shawnwilsher.com/storage-async/file/6554fd2c6e40/sqlite.upgrade
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Blocks: 464095
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Stuart: sdwilsh says you guys want this for mobile, too?
um, yeah, this fixes windows mobile.
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From sqlite-users mailing list:
SQLite version is now available for download on the SQLite


Version fixes a bug that could potentially lead to database
corruption.  The bug was introduced in SQLite version 3.6.6.  The bug
was discovered by an assert() failure during stress testing and has
not been seen in the wild.

Database corruption resulting from this bug is still only a
theoretical possibility.  Despite focused efforts, we have so far been
unable to generate a test case that actually causes database
corruption.  Nevertheless, the nature of the bug suggests that such a
test should be possible, even if it is difficult to devise.  The fact
we have have been unable in creating a test case suggests the bug is
unlikely to be causing problems in the real world.  Even so, we are
issuing this branch release out of an abundance of caution and
recommending that all users of SQLite version 3.6.6 and
upgrade to version

D. Richard Hipp
Summary: Upgrade to SQLite → Upgrade to SQLite
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Posted patch v1.3Splinter Review
Same as before, with a version bump
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I'll land this on branch later today (once we've had a few runs of perf data)
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Target Milestone: mozilla1.9.1 → mozilla1.9.1b3
1.9.1 and trunk are up to 3.6.10.  marking bug verified.

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