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Debian System Plugin Location - XRE Part


(Toolkit :: Startup and Profile System, defect)

Not set




(Reporter: asac, Assigned: asac)




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(Most likely wrong component ... file affected is in toolkit/xre/; why doesnt toolkit have a "General" component?)

Bug 440506 landed support for a legacy plugin location /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.

I don't agree that /usr/lib/mozilla is really a good location for that, however the patch committed forgot the toolkit/xre/ part.
Component: XULRunner → Startup and Profile System
QA Contact: xulrunner → startup
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from ubuntu xulrunner-1.9.1 packaging branch
Assignee: nobody → asac
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Blocks: 440506
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for 1.9.1

I think Benjamin is the best reviewer for this.
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I don't see what kind of need the toolkit/xre part fulfils.
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for 1.9.1

I think mh is correct here: the default plugins provider already provides this key:

This result is then *aggregated* with the nsXREDirProvider version, see here:

There should be no need for this patch. I would love to have a unit-test for it, though!
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(In reply to comment #4)
> I would love to have a unit-test for it, though!

AFAIK, this is not possible, as it would rely on files being installed in a system directory, which the build/check scripts usually won't have access to.
The only way I see to circumvent this would be to use something like fakechroot, but this may be overkill.
Oh, I didn't mean anything that complicated. I just meant to ask the directory service to make sure that NS_SYSTEM_PLUGINS_DIR was included in NS_APP_PLUGINS_DIR_LIST (if NS_SYSTEM_PLUGINS_DIR is present at all).
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