- broken in Gecko 1.9.1, needs to use newly-implemented querySelector(all)



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10 years ago
This is from I am not really confident that this is the right component, but hope its a good place to start :).

Using Jaunty with Firefox 3.1 (Dec 1)

Steps to reproduce (try in FF3.0 and FF3.1)
1. Try to apply for Canonical Job Posting
Quick Link:
2. Try to set option in CV/Résumé section.
3. Notice no box in FF3.1 and a box in FF3.0

While loading page the following error happens on 3.1 (b2 and b3pre) while not on 3.0
Error: f.querySelectorAll(wFORMS.behaviors.hint.HINT_SELECTOR).forEach is not a function
Source File:
Line: 3326
Does it work if you disable jit via about:config ?

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10 years ago
I haven't read any of the target site's code, but when has that stopped anyone?

The native querySelectorAll returns a NodeList or StaticNodeList, don't remember which.  If this worked in 3.0, something must have implemented its own qsa and probably returned an array.  That array would have had that method.  Unless forEach was added to (Static)?NodeList, the method wouldn't be on the object returned by qsa.  I highly suspect this is Tech Evang.

As for a fix, using Array.prototype.forEach(f.qsa(...), functionPassedToForEach) is probably what's wanted if the above Slashdot-esque analysis is correct.

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10 years ago
Original reporter here, I went back and tried old builds and the issue was introduced with the "2008-07-22-02-mozilla-central" build.

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10 years ago
Mon Jul 21 17:56:19 2008 -0700	0d7377e810b3	Boris Zbarsky — Bug 416317. Implement querySelector(All) API. r=dbaron, sr=jst

The bug appeared immediately (or else very close to it, which I doubt) after qsa was implemented, so this is Tech Evangelism.  The site code needs to be changed per my suggestion in comment 3.
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10 years ago
Summary: script error on 3.1, but not on 3.0 → - broken in Gecko 1.9.1, needs to use newly-implemented querySelector(all)

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10 years ago
I sent some mail to pointing them at the suggestion in comment 3.
Yeah.  They're probably using an old buggy version of prototype, which had a bogus non-forward-compatible querySelectorAll implementation.


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6 years ago
This can be closed, they use a different system for resumes than they did then. 
(I'm the original reporter)
Thanks for your comment, marking fixed
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