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Re-enable static analysis for js/src


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Static analysis is disabled for everything under js/src.  I just landed an analysis mostly aimed at js/src in bug 460865.  It would be nice to be able to run it again!
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jorendorff, do you have a test-suite for your cx->fp checker? I'd really like to get that checked in as well, because the analysis scripts tend to be fragile and the testsuites are really good at making sure the analysis works.
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Make static checking work in js/src, rev. 1

> -// XXXbugfix: when you pass arguments to -fplugin-arg, include_path[0] is bad
> -sys.include_path[0] = options.topsrcdir + "/xpcom/analysis";
>  sys.include_path.push(options.topsrcdir);
>  include('string-format.js');
> diff --git a/xpcom/analysis/string-format.js b/config/string-format.js
> rename from xpcom/analysis/string-format.js
> rename to config/string-format.js

Should the include change to 'config/string-format.js'?

> --- a/js/src/config/
> +++ b/js/src/config/
> @@ -1,24 +1,25 @@
>  # Currently spidermonkey has no static checking infrastructure, but it will...
>  # This is all dummy values now: see the Mozilla version of this file for
>  # an example with real data.

Please update the comment.
I don't have a test suite yet, but I'll file a bug for it.  Can you point me at existing test suites for other analyses?
I've removed the stale comment. It is not necessary to include topsrcdir/config/string-format.js because the directory of the script (static-checking.js) is always in the include path.
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Attachment #352306 - Flags: review?(jorendorff)
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Pushed to tracemonkey,

What are we doing nowadays with bugs fixed on tracemonkey but not yet on m-c? Is there a keyword or some other magic annotation so that they get marked FIXED when the next TM->m-c merge is done?
whiteboard: fixed-in-tracemonkey

but, I just pushed this to m-c
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