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places history sorting doesn't work right in grouped view


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There seems to be a bug in the sorting when the list is grouped - or I just don't understand the philosophy.

I'd expect the entries within a group (within the same site or day) be in the order indicated by View/Sort. But it only is directly after sorting until closing and reopening history or changing the grouping.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Ungrouped view, sorted by last visited.
2. Group view by day
3. Order is unsorted

4. Sort by last visited again
5. Close and reopen history window
3. Order is unsorted
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This looks like a places bug. We can't afford to sort the view after every expand, but we could work around the problem with reopening or regrouping by manually sorting afterwards. Thoughts?
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Product: SeaMonkey → Toolkit
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I've had to work around Places in two parts, because grouped views are forcibly sorted by title. In the case of opening the window or changing the view, the solution is to enforce the sort after performing the initial query. (Any persisted expanded containers are also sorted recursively.) In the case of clicking on a twisty, I override the default options on the node to be opened, so that it sorts the way we want it to. This has no effect when closing or reopening a twisty but I don't have an easy way to detect the latter case.
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i think in toolkit we could take a sorting for grouped results, ignore it in the first level containers, but use it when sorting site containers), the same for all groupings, ignore the sorting at containers level but forward it to inner containers. if the sorting is not specified then go for the actual default (sort by title ascending). So you could simply change the sidebar query specifying your preferred sorting for inner queries.
As yet I still haven't been able to persuade Places to inherit the sorting mode, but this patch works in more cases than the previous one did.
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Attachment #356418 - Flags: review?(iann_bugzilla)
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Better workaround

Is there a bug to fix in toolkit, if so is it worth mentioning in the comments in the suite code?
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Pushed changeset e7bdae0af1a7 to comm-central.

I filed bug 474287 on Places.
Closed: 13 years ago
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