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Apply staging system to Contributor docs


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We would like pages in the "How to Contribute" category to go through a staging system, similar to the KB. (same permissions as KB too)
Assignee: nobody → bmo2008
Target Milestone: --- → Future
There's a setting in the admin panel at <>, but the "Category for approved pages:" setting is a drop-down list, in which you can only select one category.
Assignee: bmo2008 → nobody
Until the new guy or Eric are available, I can take this, just to keep it on the radar. Maybe we're lucky and it's just a interface change to allow multiple select.
Assignee: nobody → paul.craciunoiu
Because I will need to change a single value to multiple values, this will be a fairly cumbersome process. Some issues:
* When approving changes, we need to tell tiki-approve_staging_page.php what category to move the staging page to. This will probably require adding a parameter in the URL.
* Currently, when you edit a staging page, we display a notice at the top abut KB policies, etc. We would need to update that.
* (QA) Ensure editing for HTC+KB categories leads to the staging page (if there is one)
* (QA) Ensure old functionality is still there.
* Are diffs the same for KB vs HTC articles? (e.g. for "View pages since last approval")

Right now, it seems that a user can create an article in the staging area. Then someone approves it and moves it to KB. If it's moved to something else, a staging copy isn't created. We need to change that to allow for HTC articles.

Chris, did I miss anything? Perhaps you can briefly go over the process of approving pages and such? I'm mainly interested in differences between KB versus other articles.
It all sounds good to me. 
Looking at 
they both use the same css files, if that was what you meant by "Are diffs the same for KB vs HTC articles".
(In reply to comment #4)
Yep, that's what I meant, pretty much. If they look and behave the same.

Looking at the code, it'll be a pretty big change to make this happen. At any rate, we need to audit what other changes need to happen aside from what I mentioned in comment 3. David probably has good input and concerns for this as well.
Found this revision that may help with implementation:
Just making a note of it here.
Fixed in Kitsune.
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