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Admin page for CTAs


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Need a way to create/edit the home CTAs.  This includes a brief title, text, and a "Learn more" destination.

Also, need a way to select which CTAs are active.

Also, we'll need a way to define simple rules, e.g. for not showing the "Join" CTA to logged in users.  That would most easily be done with PHP code, similar to Drupal blocks
Target Milestone: --- → 3.0
Mary, are these going to change often enough that they require their own admin page?  I think these could be easier to manage through hard-coded templates.  

If you still need the admin page, can we remove the 3.0 milestone so this can happen post redesign launch?

Good point -- won't need to change these for a while so I think we're cool cor now with hard-coded.
Target Milestone: 3.0 → ---
Summary: Redesign: Admin page for CTAs → Admin page for CTAs
Whiteboard: admin
Revisiting this, I'm wondering if we really need an admin page for these.  

Are they going to change so often that having me (or other dev.) code up new ones won't do?

Also, making special rules for display (e.g. only display CTA X for logged in users) would be difficult & time consuming to implement in an admin form.

Severity: normal → minor
for the record, we're currently using images as the heading text within the CTAs e.g. "Join" "Contribute" "Spread" are all images.

That has to change (images -> text) before we can implement this
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Would you update / close this bug 

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